Friday, July 11, 2008

We are enough!

How often it is that we go the extra mile to please people and end up being disappointed? Why do we have to keep comparing ourselves with people who are more prettier, skinnier, taller etc than us? It only makes us feel worse off.

As you know, beauty/slimming centres, magazines etc, blatantly feed on our insecurities. I'm not saying that I've never felt insecure, I'm sure everyone has.

The thing is, we don't give ourselves enough credit. Being who we are can be tough. All of us play many different roles to different people. We are mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, sons, daughters, wives, husbands, friends, teachers etc. We always feel that we can be a better person. Yes we can, sure we can. But, lets save that for another day.

We need to realise just for this moment that we - we, are enough. Our purpose in life is not pleasing people to gain acceptance, we just have to be enough for ourselves.

We are enough!

Now, go tell your mom, dad, husband, wife that they're enough. Even writing them a "you are enough" post it note will mean a lot to them.

I am enough! And you are too ;)

-- Starwish

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