Thursday, July 31, 2008

To blog or not to blog? That is the question.

I'm having a down time today. I didn't feel like blogging (even, micro-blogging) today, but I did, as you can see. Don't you have such days? You just don't feel like saying anything or nothing good comes out. You're sitting here, thinking of the many topics that you want to talk about, but as soon as you begin writing, you lose your path midway or you then realise that this post isn't good enough.

Very often, we are our own biggest critics, we criticise ourselves more than anyone else. Doesn't it drive you mad sometimes? Have you written articles that are still in the "Draft" mode, because you thought that they weren't good enough?

Spicy sambal stingrays, anyone?

Dinner was really good.

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B.H. said...

I suppose the purest form of blogging is the sincere intention to convey something novel and edifying. The number of readers you attract is less important compared to the type of readers.

Failing that, we could all just get trigger happy with the camera. Say cheese!