Monday, June 23, 2008

Top 10 Singapore Food Blogs!!!

Being a Singaporean, I must have at least a blog post talking about food, right? Polls have been conducted on things that Singaporeans miss the most when they're overseas, and amongst the top is always our food, after family and friends. Like most Singaporeans, I looove food, infact, more than half of my favourite blogs are food blogs! And my favourite TV channel is Discovery Travel and Living. (I know, kind of predictable, huh?)

"Singaporeans love their food. Try engaging in a casual conversation with a Singaporean, and you’ll soon find the all-consuming topic of breakfast, lunch or dinner being inevitably whisked into the discussion. Not to be mistaken as a cultural tendency towards ‘gluttony of excess’, the passion Singaporeans share towards food is closely knit to the very heart of society – community. Here in Singapore, you’ll find that eating out is more than just a common affair; it’s very much a communal affair as well." S'pore Food Festival 2008

Okay, lets get the ball rolling...(according to ranking)

1. The Travelling Hungryboy

A camera-phone moblog of (mostly) gastronomic adventures and epicurean musings from a United 1k global traveller that thinks that Anthony Bourdain has the coolest job in the world.

2. ieat-ishoot-ipost

Never waste your calories on yucky food.

Do you know that this blogger is a Doctor?

3. Eat and Train

Eating good and eating responsibly.

4. Never Trust a Scrawny Foodie

Where there are good eats, there I will go.

5. Small Potatoes Makes The Steak Looks Bigger

6. Gastronomic Ruminations

"There is no sincere love than the love of food" George Bernard Shaw

7. Good Food. Good Mood.

A photo blog and review of food in Singapore.

8. The Hungry Cow

It's one hell of an amazing grace.

9. The Skinny Epicurean

Life is too short for bad food.

10. Timeless Facade

Everything is a fa├žade, only good food is a reality.


My fav Malaysian food blog : Masak- Masak

Which literally means in English, "Cook - Cook"

Disclaimer: I might not have visited ALL the food blogs in Singapore, but if you think I have missed out a few outstanding ones, leave a comment and I will check them out. It has been hard deciding on a top ten list.


HighwayBlogger said...

hmmm not sure how you arrived at your rankings but a quick glance seems that you've missed out the number one food blog in Singapore, ChubbyHubby!

mywoklife said...

Chubby Hubby is good ! :)

Pete said...

Good list, will check them out!

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