Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Prediction Came True!

Picture from today's Sunday Times

Remember my previous posting on "Do you think there'll come a day when local papers report about bloggers entangled in cat fights?"

Well, it was a slow news day and The Straits Times published an article on Xiaxue's and Dawn cat fight! And they made it to the front page. (quite sad, really)

The Straits Times is quite slow. The incident took place quite a long time ago ; seeing as how news spread like wild fire in the blogosphere.

(now, we shall see about my predictions for the Beijing Olympics)


B.H. said...

This is a sad day for the Press. Resorting to reports of shallow and self absorbed females engaged in a blog war?

Aren't there more important things to talk about?

This all seems fabricated and choreographed to me. Are these two bloggers really that influential?


starwish said...

Thats how sad the Singapore press is. Its easy to predict what they'll report about next.

They reported on "Singaporeans sloppy dressing habits" a few times, and almost always report about food related stuff (when its a slow news day)

Today, they ran an article about how more people are tuning in to Internet TV and radio. Isn't that old news?

B.H. said...

I think this foreshadows the fact that traditional media is slowly becoming irreleveant in this Internet age.

When you're encumbered by time and tangibles it's hard to stay on top of things. That's why people read news online and the reason why Singapore has such high Internet penetration.

Then again it could all be a ploy by the government to portray Singapore as a stable, safe and sterile city.


starwish said...

Its quite known here that big brother has a control over the press. They will never present the government in a bad light.

I have to agree that the traditional media is becoming quite irrelevant here. For the latest local news concerning/affecting us, there's always the TV.