Sunday, July 6, 2008

Minister George Yeo asks Singaporeans to not be kepo about Malaysian politics.

Why can't we be kepo (busybody) about our immediate neighbour's affairs? Afterall, whatever affects them affects us also what. Them increasing petrol prices affected us, so as limiting how many sacks of rice or other stuff that we can buy from Malaysia. We also depend on Malaysia for water and other supplies like chicken, ducks and occasionally holiday there. Since our political scene is very boring, of course we find Malaysia's and America's politics very interesting.

We're not really getting directly involved but rather commenting on the sidelines on what we feel/think on the situation. Afterall, Malaysia's news also makes headlines in our newspapers (because there are no sensational happenings in Singapore).

So, did Anwar really commit sodomy?

"Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo has said Singapore must not get involved in Malaysian politics.

He gave this response when asked by the media if bilateral relations would be hit by the ongoing political turmoil in Malaysia.

Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim have been dominating the headlines in the past week over various allegations made by different parties.

Mr Yeo said: "We are not a participant. It's important we don't take sides in their domestic politics, indeed in the domestic politics of any neighbouring country. It is not wise and it will only complicate our bilateral relations. We deal with whoever is in power."

- - ChannelNewsAsia

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Anonymous said...

Appreciate any friendly help to neighbour about confirming presence of Najib, Abdul Razak Baginda and Altantuya at diamond exhibition in Singapore. Visitors to exhibition and immigration records during the period (probably around 2003?) would be helpful. TY.