Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Study: The French Are The Most Obnoxious Tourists!

According to a new and recent study, the award for the most obnoxious tourists goes to the French. The French are now considered the most obnoxious tourists.
Not long ago, I had written about how Australia now ranks first as the most obese nation. Now, the French rank 1st for most obnoxious tourists in the world. The award for world’s most obnoxious tourists goes to France. Yes, the world’s most obnoxious tourists amongst Europeans are the French.

That puts France in second place. The poll shows that India possibly ranks behind France in having the most obnoxious tourists. In last place, that award goes to China. Out of 21 nations being the most polite when traveling abroad in the poll, France has ranked 19th. That’s pretty close to being in last place. The 1st place award for most polite tourists belongs to Japan.

Americans and Thais are tied in 11th place. 2nd place goes to the Germans, 3rd place goes to the British, and 4th place goes to the Canadians. But, 11th place is definitely a lot better than 19th place.

French commercial travelers or the “voyageur francais” were revealed as either unwilling or not able to speak in foreign dialects. However, the study has shown that the French fared pretty well for being the best-dressed tourists. That could be deemed as a plus for French tourists.

But, the 1st place award for being best dressed goes to the Italians.

For American tourists, the poll results did not seem to show any negativity. Instead, it shows that American tourists are in 1st place of willingness and effort to speak in local dialects. That is a major plus for American tourists.

France along with a few other countries came in last in that regard.

However, the poll shows that both French and American tourists are equally rude when traveling abroad. But, the reasons are different. Despite that negative aspect directed at American tourists, the award for most obnoxious tourists goes to the French. So no, the award for most obnoxious tourists does not go to the Americans.

Also, France ranks near last place in those that vacation in their home countries.

In a nutshell, France is ranked as the most obnoxious tourists amongst Europeans.

Coincidentally, French President Nicholas Sarkozy is one president who is not afraid to speak his mind out to anybody. Sarkozy gave verbal lashings to many people recently. Sarkozy is not really gaining any brownie points with the international community.

In regards to French tourists, they’re definitely got gaining any brownie points when traveling abroad.

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I'm surprised that Singapore isn't there! I guess we're too small to make such an impact.

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