Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good service from Best Denki and Bad Service from a Supermarket chain.

The IT repairman from Best Denki came to my house to repair my PC today . He was on time, very friendly, spoke good English and obliged to teach me some computer related stuff as I'm quite dumb when it comes to fixing computers. It seems that nowadays most computers only last for 4-5 years since almost all are made in China. Are there PCs that are NOT made in China? Why is the quality of most China products so lousy?! I'd rather pay more for a made in Japan product if it can last longer and is of better workmanship. Its like they're really milking us out of our money..keep on wanting us to buy their products as the lifespan is so short. Is Fujitsu still made in Japan? My made in Japan Sony TV has been with my family for 15 years and its still going on strong. Nowadays, after a few years, this spoil, that spoil. Buay tahan!

I went to this neighbourhood supermarket last week and asked one of the staffs something concerning one of the products, and she didn't understand anything! She's a China person who doesn't even know simple English. Really pissed me off. Went to another supermarket nearby - at least their staff are quite conversant in English. Its really irritating especially when you're in a hurry and cannot afford the time to do "sign language". They should employ Filipinos instead, at least they can speak English. Yes, they may be more expensive, but at least you're keeping your customers. I say, to all service related businesses out there, even if you employ China workers, make sure that they have a basic grasp of English and know what products you are actually selling.

I'm not saying that ALL China workers or products are bad. I had a good experience at Puma a few months back with a China staff attending to me. He was accommodating and most importantly, he understood what I was saying and was very friendly. I own China made products too (doesn't everyone?), and some are good like the Skippy peanut butter that I had with bread for breakfast.

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