Thursday, July 3, 2008

Curry grounds plane!

A BA jet diverted after passengers thought they smelt poison gas was really grounded by curry.

The flight from Belgrade to London made an emergency evacuation after passengers panicked, fearing a terrorist gas attack.

But an official investigation into the incident at the Nikola Tesla Airport in the Serbian capital has revealed the fumes had escaped from a giant container of curry spices in the plane's cargo hold.

"The smell spread from the package of an aromatic food spice," confirmed the Serbian Ministry for the Protection of Human Environment.

At first, officials suspected a canister of powerful acidic chemicals had burst open in the hold.

But health officials have blamed the curry for the security scare.

"The chemical that was found in the cargo hold of the airplane did not leak out," said the spokesman. "It was sodium-selenite. But the smell did not spread from there."

Dozens of passengers had to flee the plane after it was returned to Belgrade and contained on a special emergency procedure runway at the airport.

Emergency workers wearing breathing apparatus helped screaming passengers off the plane before the source of the fumes was discovered.

-- Associated Press



oOFooi said...

This is funny. No one can differentiate the curry spices and gas??

starwish said...

Exactly! Curries smell is so distinct!