Wednesday, July 16, 2008

KFC employee spat and urinated in policeman's food!

As they say...never offend a waiter, waitress or chef - you never know what they might do to your food.

A police officer and his family have been awarded $40,000 (£20,000) after suing a restaurant that had served them food tainted by an employee's spit and urine.

"Employees maintained 'special servings' of food reserved for ... officers," the lawsuit said. "The 'special servings' had been urinated in or spit in by KFC/Taco Bell employees."

The court heard that his two sons, then aged four and seven, became sick from the food they ate at a franchise of the Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell chain in October 2005.

The younger boy became violently ill with gastroenteritis and dehydration, vomited for hours and was forced to spend time in a hospital, the family's lawsuit said.

The suit also alleged that Mr Andrew, his wife and their children were victims of an employee scheme that targeted police officers.

-- The Telegraph

(The incident took place in America)


simpleU said...

LOL.. Never offend the waiter/waitres/chefs... I will keep that in mind:)

|1f34|-|1r3 said...

that was america..i wonder if malaysia have this kind of attitude too..well..easy money i should say...

vickn3s said...

but i doubt malaysian consumer court would take any drastic action like the foreign countries does.