Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Google Inspires Singapore Maths Textbook Authors?

Take a look at the primary school maths textbook that kids use today (the one in the picture is for primary 3). Have you noticed the names of the cartoon characters?

Ooogol, Toogol, Zoogol, Koogol, Googol and Noogol.

Notice the resemblance to the most popular search engine?

I still remember the English Pets textbook animals - I often played imaginary games with them when I got bored in class :D

I have to say that the cartoons are cute though. Maybe they should branch out and do a maths themed educational cartoon LOL


sylv said...

truth is.. Google took its name from googol, which is a term to describe a number one followed by 100 zeros (imagine how big it is).

you can read it here

starwish said...

Thanks for the info :)