Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Perfect Lover Does Exist!

Imagine having a boyfriend who's well, perfect. He's got every trait you've ever dreamed of. He does no wrong and is always there when you need him. He doesn't flirt with other females and even knows how to cook your favourite dishes! Sounds too good to be true?

The perfect lover exists, but, there's a catch - he's a robot! Meet Night Tenjo, a robot made solely to be the "perfect boyfriend". Izawa Riko is a temporary worker at a company dealing with pastries. She can't seem to find a guy of her liking or guys that she fancies, don't like her in return.

The answer? Why not have a robot lover? Just as Night Tenjo enters her life, she finds herself falling for a distinguished colleague. Now, she is trapped in a love triangle. Who will she be with in the end? Who's more appealing? The perfect boyfriend or the human one who is bound to make mistakes?

I would say, that this drama "Zettai Kareshi" aka "Absolute Boyfriend" is comedic and interesting as it explores very real issues in today's society. Hey, the Japanese are very well on their way into creating a real robot "boyfriend". Imagine the unimaginable!

If you're interested in watching it and can't find any links online, you can e-mail me at tainted dot love1987 at gmail dot com.

My overall rating for this drama is 5/5. Very original! Simply sugoii!

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