Saturday, June 28, 2008

Durian Fest

The neighbours were having a durian fest at the void deck next to my block. I should've signed up for it, damnit. It smelled good.

It would be nice if the GRC organised a seafood fest. I think its great to be able to interact with your neighbours through food. Afterall, eating is a common Singaporean pastime. They should organise more of these activities. What more, with our busy lifestyle, we barely know our neighbours, let alone chat with them.

So, as I was on my way back home last week, I saw a group of RC people and a MP at the lift lobby. When they saw me, they asked if I lived here and said "Welcome home!" in quite a loud tone LOL which totally surprised me. They were there to conduct a residents' survey. The MP was friendly and chatty. Its nice to know another side of our leaders.

Back to the durian topic, I also love durian cream puffs and cakes. Non South-East-Asians might equate durians as something bizarre. After all, the king of fruits was also once featured in "Fear Factor" hahaha! But its the same as blue cheese is to us - simply bizarre!


Jess said...

You sure Durian was featured in Fear Factor before?!!! If that's the case, I can go participate in Fear Factor then!

starwish said...

Ya, it was featured in Fear Factor America! LOL!

Ah_Mike said...

Damn, the photo made me hungry for durian!

ivy said...

wow..durian, one of the lovely tropical fruit! My best friend loves it so much...yummy^_^