Monday, June 16, 2008

I so want to be happy :(

When a dream comes true, you don't always get the happiness that comes with it;
Happiness is not something you can feel every moment of the day;
Happiness comes in small doses, so just be grateful for that;
It's pointless to wish for a Big Happiness because it won't happen;
Perhaps happiness is overrated.

Like most people, everything I do, everything I hope for and everything I regret, hinges on the pursuit of personal happiness.

The problem with happiness is this - it doesn't last, and it is subjected to the law of diminishing returns. To attain something you wish for does make you happy, but only up to a point. Beyond that, more and more of that thing adds less and less to your happiness.

*I'm going to use a cheesecakes as an example.

I LOVE cheesecakes. Everything about cheesecakes hits the spot for me.

The problem is, while finishing the first one is so satisfying, finishing the second will make me want to puke.

Its a scenario that plays out in so many aspects in my life. Happiness is so hard to come by, yet when I do find it, it either doesn't last long or it loses its magic after a while.

Still, one could argue that happiness would be meaningless if you felt happy all the time. How can you understand happiness unless you have lived through unhappiness and can compare the two?

The trick perhaps is to learn to live for the moment and appreciate what you have.

It is hard to be happy when you are stuck in the past or the future.

It is hard to be happy when you chase after happiness, forgetting that, hey, it could well be right there, staring at you.

~ extracted from Sumiko Tan's articles. I always find a little bit of myself in her. We seem to share similar views on a wide range of issues.

*Edited to suit personal taste.


vagueraz said...

May this is my first visit to ur blog but i like it :) ..
"It is hard to be happy when you are stuck in the past or the future".....

May happieness moments passes between past and future ,,, may we can find times that we feel happiesness , but i consider that happieness is temporary !!!...

Hope u visit my blog :) ...

UTP said...

once happiness is based on non-worldly things like faith and content...then it becomes happiness till eternity...

thats what we should be targetting in our lives....there is no better feeling that feeling of content...