Saturday, August 2, 2008

On Miss Singapore World finalist who had 50 ex-boyfriends

We all know that "The New Paper" is Singapore's version of a tabloid newspaper just like how "The Sun" is in the UK. Hence, its expected that "quality" news will take a backseat. But, seriously, showing off how "rich" or how many boyfriends you've had, is stooping really low. Thats extremely pathetic. The things people do to gain attention, eh? I couldn't be more disgusted when I read that article.

Yes, she's only 25 years old who has had 50 ex- toy boys to play with.

"That's just five in a year - about one every two months - not too much,' she added. "

Whoa, thats not too much? Which planet is she from? Moronville?

"It's kind of a shallow reason,' said Valentane Huang when asked why she joined beauty pageants."


What a trash article. Seriously, what is the point of the story? Showing off? Displaying how much of a loser the girl is? This has to be the stupidest article I've read since the Xiaxue saga. I am ashamed to have read such junk.

-- Starwish


Geeee said...

totally agree with you. I don know why they keep publishing such rubbish and get money for this shit from people who bought the news!!

They just break it apart and this is really something personal and can't be published like this without permission. The girl should sue them really.

Baby said...

maybe she prefer this kinda fame

- Te@rs oF LuV - said...

it's her life laa.
they never state there miss singapore can't have 5O boyfriends during the audition rightt ?

Anonymous said...

well, it's interesting enough for you to bother reading it, and even posting it.
so...who is the bigger idiot? hah.

Johnny Ong said...

well people still went for the newspapers. its such news that will sell well

jazzieeaa said...

i guess for these women, boyfriends are just a moment of interest, not the traditional bfs whom stay in a relationship for longer periods of time, maybe as a husband.
the definition of bfs now is boy-flirting.

B.H. said...

She certainly marketed herself well. Well enough to get some attention that is.

Imagine the kind of image she would project for Singapore should she win. You guys have it bad enough as it is with the whole SPG stigma and bimbo bloggers at each others' throoats.


starwish said...

I'd like to point out that I didn't "spend money" on that paper, the article is available online.

I know that its her life (made public by TNP)

I did mention TNP being a tabloid paper. Thats what tabloid papers are for! But that was just extremely low (in my opinion).

Its intertesting that you mentioned "boy-flirting" is "in" now. You learn summit new everyday.

Yes, its already bad enough with Singaporean girls being associated as being SPGs. As they say, one bad apple spoils the bunch.

Brenda Ang said...

Hey there, yea, I agree with you. That's kinda lame. 50 boyfriends? And she's only 25? Huh!

Anonymous said...

trash articles? just look at the amount of comment u get for this post.

looks like everyone is interested in that 'trash article'..n not to forget, u bother to blog about it.