Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mac Users Are Arrogant Snobs!

The latest findings according to Reader's Digest show that Mac users are snobs. This is such a shocker. How did Xiaxue get this right? (she mentioned it during her iPhone review)

If you've seen those Apple advertisments on TV with a young, hip Mac user versus an old, slow PC user, you should get the idea that there's a bit of rivalry between the opposing computer camps. But why? Because they have wholly different personality traits, say branding experts.

Mindset Media, a US branding company that analyses the relationship between consumer behaviour and personality, surveyed 7500 Mac and PC owners. Its finding? Mac users are "snobs". In comparision to PC owners, they're likely to visit Starbucks for coffee more often, buy organic products and drive a hybrid car.

Mindset Media says that people who purchase Macs fall into what it calls the "Openness 5" personality category - which means they are more liberal, less modest and more assured of their own superiority than the population at large.

Ah, the rivalry continues...


Jurlique said...

Oh I agree. 2 of my friends own a mac and 1 of them is really snobby and a mac fanboy. Insults pcs like no body's business.

The other friend isn't so bad, but she still macs are better than others =.=''

fallen angel said...

People are just stereotyping mac users. Mac focus on designing, obviously the attention is there. Pc has their own thing, Mac does their job which is on designs. There's no need to fight about it.

B.H. said...

I own an iPhone but not a Mac. How do I fit into that personality profiling?

Please don't besmirch the name of your blog by crediting XiaXue.

On a related note, read this:

These findings look suspiciously like they were taken from SWPL.


otr tyre said...

I think not everyone who use Mac are arrogant. Maybe the finding is based on majority of the Mac users.