Sunday, August 3, 2008

High-heeled Crocs!

Picture: High heeled Crocs

It’s true! the first crocs™ high heel. fashion fused with comfort for the ultimate in style

Great news for female Crocs fans! High-heeled Crocs are now here. Bad news for Crocs bashers. It seems that Croc's popularity won't die down anytime soon.

Newsweeek recently ran an article on Crocs here. Crocs even has hate sites dedicated to it. One of them is I Hate Crocs Dot Com.

Fashionistas have denounced the Crocs for years. They're ugly and against every fashionistas' rules. Are you a fan of the Crocs or a hater?

Personally, I'd say as long as you dress right for the occasion and place, it doesn't matter. Obviously, wearing Crocs to a fine dining restaurant is a big NO.


Falcon said...

i'm on the fence for this but i have to say its really expensive...

starwish said...

I'd rather spend $$$ on Jimmy Choos :D